Rice Unconventional Wisdom 

Preferred Vendors

Personal Purchases

Rice community members using a personal credit card to make a student-use or home-use purchase, please contact these Preferred Vendors directly:

Computer Hardware Vendors

  • Apple 
  • Dell - use the Rice Member ID: GS44625481.

Software Vendors

Cell Phone Vendors - ask your service provider for an education discount

  • AT&T - has provided Rice faculty, staff and student discounts previously
  • Verizon - has provided Rice faculty, staff and student discounts previously

Online Backup Vendors (personal files only)

Equipment Repair Vendors

Rice University does not provide support for personal purchases. The Help Desk has several tools they can use to estimate the problem and/or extract or back up the data temporarily for students' personal computers. For all other repair issues, contact the vendor or refer to this list of Houston equipment repair vendors, provided for convenience only and not officially endorsed by IT.

Department Purchases

For assistance with a Faculty/Staff Departmental Purchase using a Rice Fund/Org through Rice Marketplace, please contact the OIT Help Desk (helpdesk@rice.edu) or 713.348.4357.

Computer Vendors

  • Apple
  • Dell

Software Vendors

  • Apple
  • Softchoice

Accessory Vendors

  • Apple
  • CDWG

Printer Vendors

  • CDWG
  • SEHI

Copier Vendors

  • American Business Machines (ABM)
  • ImageNet Consulting
Last updated: July 07, 2016 by: Nina Brigman, Content by: Charlita Marrs